Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before you bring your cat to stay.

What vaccinations does my cat need?

The health and well-being of the cats that stay with us is top of our list. Your cat must therefore be fully vaccinated for FeLV and Cat flu, within the last 12 months and at least 14 days prior to arrival at Country Lane Cat Hotel (28 days after the 2nd of the primary vaccinations for kittens). You must send a photo of your cat’s current vaccination certificate showing at least the last 2 vaccinations to create a booking, even if you are expecting to re-do them before the booking. Unfortunately, if you are unable to produce an up-to-date vaccination card before your cat’s stay, your cat will be unable to stay with us. For more information please see our terms and conditions HERE


The terms of our licence (issued by Defra), our own terms and conditions and our insurance dictate that all cats must be fully vaccinated for the duration of their stay. This is common practice in all UK catteries. As a licenced cattery we unfortunately cannot accept cat guests without a current vaccination certificate. Our preference is that all cats’ stays end within 12 months of the previous annual booster vaccination. Some vets are currently saying (though this may change) that within 15 months is fine. However, to allow this we have agreed with our licensing officer that we will need a letter/email from your vet to say your cat will still be covered coming into a boarding cattery situation for your chosen dates. Without this we will only take cats whose stays end within 12 months of their last booster.

In order for immunity to develop after an annual booster we require 2 weeks between the most recent vaccination and entering our cat hotel. For kitten primary vaccinations there will be the first jab of the course at about 9 weeks, then another jab 3-4 weeks later, then we require 4 more weeks before coming into the cattery for immunity to build to a safe level.

Do I need to worm and de-flea my cat?

Yes (even if they usually live entirely indoors). In order to protect your cat and all of our other guests, your cat must be treated for fleas and worms about 2 days prior to arriving so that it is covered for the duration of its stay with us. We have noticed that cats treated with ‘Frontline’ and other over the counter preparations seem to have fleas more often than cats treated with products from the vets. If your cat is found to have fleas whilst staying with us, we have no choice but to treat them and add the cost to your bill.

What happens if my cat gets sick?

Fortunately, this rarely happens. However, if your cat does get sick while staying with us, we will get in touch with you straight away. We will also immediately contact your vet for advice. If required, we will take your cat to your own vet (if nearby), or to our vet who is less than 5 minutes away. Any charges incurred will be added to your final bill.

My cat's on medication - can you manage this?

Absolutely. Dee is trained in the use of inhalers and administration of pills. You should discuss your cat's medical requirements with us when you book.

What do you feed the cats and how often?

Generally speaking, our cat guests are fed twice a day; morning and night. However, if your cat needs feeding more often (if they are young, elderly, or diabetic for example), we will agree a feeding routine with you that is best for them. We provide Felix, Whiskas and Go-Cat dry, but in our experience, cats prefer to eat what they are used to (this helps them to feel at home and prevent upset tummies!). It is preferable to provide your own food, especially if it is a premium brand or health condition specific.

Are the cats groomed during their stay at your cat hotel?

Yes, if they like it! As part of the care that we give, all cats are offered a daily grooming session. Please bring your cat’s brush or comb with you. However we will not groom cats that are obviously unhappy about it. Let us know your cat's preferences when booking. Please have any knots removed by your vet nurse or cat groomer prior to arrival. It's very painful and unpleasant for cats to live with a knotty coat.

Do cats fight in catteries?

No. We never let any of our cat guests come in to contact with other cats that they don't know. One of our licence conditions is that only cats from the same household share accommodation since cats are highly territorial creatures. Of course, if you have more than one cat and they prefer spending time apart, we are happy to accommodate them. Please let us know at the time of booking.

What do I need to bring for my cat’s stay?

  • Please bring your cat in an appropriate, safe carry cage. We are happy to store this for you during your cat's stay. Cardboard boxes, soft fabric carriers with zips and velcro and harnesses are not suitable and please don't carry your cat in your arms!
  • Don't forget any medication or special/prescription diet requirements  – plus a couple of extra days' worth (enough for your cat’s stay with us and to cover any travel delays you may experience).
  • Although each of our cat suites has bedding, scratch post and toys, many owners prefer to bring their own from home. This can help your cat to settle in and relax. Please feel free to bring your own scratching post, grooming brush, comb, toys and bedding with you, and a list of belongings.
  • We will need full contact details for you, together with an alternative name and number of someone prepared to collect your cat in an emergency (especially important if you are going abroad). 

What is the best time for me to bring my cat to the cattery?

Ok, so you're packed and ready to go, but where is the cat? Cats are incredibly intuitive and will know something is up as soon as you start packing or behave differently. They often disappear for hours or (even days!) so we suggest you bring your cat to stay with us before you start packing. And if you have an early start, drop them off the day before. You will be allocated a morning appointment time. You can find this on the booking form we send you.

Here's a useful tip...
Don't feed your cat on the day it is coming to stay with us. It is much more likely to hang around the house if it is hungry. We always feed cats within half an hour of their arrival to help get them settled in.

What should you do before bringing your cat to stay with us?

  • Do send a photo of your cat's vaccination certificates when you are ready to make a booking.
  • Do complete the booking form Dee sends you and make full payment at time of booking to secure your cat's place.
  • Do complete the other forms Dee sends you prior to your cat's arrival.
  • Do treat your cat for fleas and worms 2 - 3 days before boarding.
  • Do bring your cat's own scratching post, grooming brush, comb, toys and bedding with them if you want (optional, we have plenty here).
  • Do wash your cat’s bedding about a week before boarding.
  • Don’t feed your cat before its journey - it may be sick! (we always feed cats within half an hour of arrival).
  • Don’t put the cat's bedding in the carrying basket (in case of accidents!) Newspaper is recommended for travelling.
  • Don’t transport a cat that isn’t secure. Your cat may panic and get under the driver’s feet.
  • Don’t carry a cat in your arms. It may escape between car and reception.

Is the Country Lane Cat Hotel fully licensed?

Yes. We are licensed with West Berkshire Council. Our licence number is: 17/01619/LWA/EGM and the licensee is Deanna Johnson (Dee)

What does this all mean?

We pride ourselves on providing extra levels of care above and beyond what is expected from a standard cattery. Our cat suites are also superior in size and furnished with everything your cat needs to enjoy a comfortable, stress-free stay with us.

For more information about our rates and terms please click HERE.

Hopefully this should give you all the information you need before bringing your cat to stay with us.
However, if you have any specific questions please feel free to contact us on 07805 006998 or email